Monday, August 4, 2008

Dreaming of Maine

It's a hot summer day here in North Carolina, but I'm dreaming of cool sea breezes coming off the coast of Maine. This is a picture of my Mom with our dog, Becky, walking in a field near the inn we stayed at in Deer Isle, Maine in May.  I've had a very busy summer with so much work for two classes that I'm taking.  Every second I have free is spent dreaming of MAINE.

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Sarah said...

I forgot to mention that we stayed at the Pilgrim's Inn. We selected Ginny's Cottage 1, a precious room with a perfect little kitchen, dining area, living room, charming bathroom, and old-fashioned bedroom. Becky, our dachshund, enjoyed her stay at Pilgrim's Inn as well! We had THE BEST granola for breakfast!