Friday, December 5, 2008

Planning a Wedding in Maine: Camden

If you are planning that dream wedding in Maine and are feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole process I have a few suggestions that might make your search a little easier.  I am always eager to lend a hand when it comes to giving design suggestions.

Camden is a picture-perfect coastal town . . . the kind of place that everyone dreams of when they think of Maine.

The Camden Public Library has a beautiful amphitheatre that could provide the perfect setting for your wedding at a very reasonable price.

The Hartstone Inn is my top choice for accommodations in Camden.  With its beautifully decorated rooms, it is sure to please.  They also have a cottage which is located across the street from the Camden Public Library.  The cottage can be rented by the week.


If you're looking for the perfect music for your wedding you might want to consider contacting Ellen Tipper, a very gifted singer and songwriter from Maine.  She creates original songs about couples that embrace who they are. She is also willing to perform live.  CDs can serve as wedding favors for guests. Besides creating music for weddings, Ellen Tipper also has a few CDs of her own.  She is amazing!

For creative wedding favors I suggest combining chocolates from Black Dinah Chocolatiers, crafted on a remote Maine island, with Postcards of Maine lighthouses from Alan Claude, a talented graphic artist.

Photography: Jamie Bloomquist
Invitations: Gigi Guinott

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